Stewarding Duty Rota 2017

Date Door Door & Count Vestry Vestry & Count Communion
9th January Graham W Graham S Garry Lorna Billy P
15th January Fiona Virginia Bobby Phil *****
22nd January Colin Tom Billy Colin *****
29th January Willie Sally Cheryl Douglas *****
5th February Fiona Lorna Bobby Graham S *****
12th February Graham W Phil Lorna Virginia Douglas A
19th February Tom Douglas Fiona Bobby *****
26th February Willie Graham S Cheryl Colin *****
5th March Sally Graham W Garry Billy *****
12th March Fiona Virginia Bobby Phil Billy P
19th March Colin Tom Graham S Lorna *****
26th March Willie Sally Cheryl Douglas *****
2nd April Graham W Douglas Garry Graham S *****
9th April Tom Virginia John Phil Douglas A
16th April Sally Billy Bobby Garry ******
23rd April Tom Graham W Colin Lorna *****
30th April Willie Cheryl Garry Graham S *****
7th May Fiona Phil Bobby Virginia John W
14th May Sally Billy Colin Tom W *****
21st May Graham W Lorna John Douglas *****
28th May Willie Cheryl Garry Graham S *****
4th June Fiona Phil Bobby Viginia *****
11th June Sally Tom W Billy John Douglas A
18th June Graham W Colin Garry Douglas *****
25th June Willie Lorna Cheryl Graham S *****
2nd July John Phil Bobby Virginia *****
9th July Sally Willie Cheryl Garry Billy P
16th July Billy Graham S Douglas Colin *****
23rd July Graham W Tom Garry Lorna *****
30th July John W Phil Bobby Virginia *****
6th August Sally Tom Billy Colin *****
13th August Willie John Cheryl Garry Douglas A
20th August Fiona Virginia Bobby Phil *****
27th August Graham W Lorna Douglas Graham S *****
3rd September Bobby G Virginia Fiona Phil *****
10th September Sally Tom Billy Lorna John W
17th September Willie Colin Cheryl Douglas *****
24th September Graham W John Garry Graham S *****
1st October Willie Cheryl John Bobby *****
8th October Graham W Lorna Garry Graham S Billy P
15th October Virginia Phil Colin Douglas *****
22nd October Sally Tom Billy Fiona *****
29th October Willie Graham S Cheryl John *****
5th November Graham W Graham S Garry Lorna *****
12th November John W Phil Colin Virginia Douglas A
19th November Sally Fiona Bobby Billy *****
26th November Willie Colin Cheryl Douglas *****
3rd December Tom Lorna John Graham S *****
10th December Graham W Phil Bobby Virginia John W
17th December Sally Tom Billy Garry *****

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